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YFROBOT 4WD chassis steered by a servo motor

YFROBOT 4WD chassis steered by a servo motor

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The steering mechanism of the servo steering car chassis is different from that of a typical chassis. It uses a rear-wheel motor drive with a front steering mechanism to achieve the car's forward, backward, and left and right turns, while a chassis without a steering structure usually uses a left-right differential steering structure. Similar to professional remote control racing car principles, the steering part uses two pull rods connected to the servo to control the car's left and right turns. It has only one motor and an integral die-cast aluminum fixing piece that tightly engages the motor with the transmission shaft. The transmission shaft has two flanged bearings to ensure that the motor rotates more flexibly. There are two acrylic plates on top that can be used to fix accessories such as the main board, motor drive, and battery.

Shipping Method

The car chassis is shipped as loose pieces and requires self-installation upon receipt. The packaging box (size 30 * 20 * 4.5cm  weight 750g).


    • Dimensions: 250 * 148 * 64mm
    • Product weight: 700g
    • Max load capacity: 1500g
    • Ground clearance: 14mm
    • Turning radius: 450mm
    • Operating voltage: 6-12v
    • Motor speed: 10000rpm
    • Reduced speed: 310rpm
    • Gearbox speed ratio: 1:18.9 / 1:61.2
    • Rated current: 0.65A
    • Motor power: 2.5w
    • Reference speed: 1.2m/s @9v
    • Drive system: Ackermann steering, front-wheel steering, rear-wheel drive
    • Servo voltage: 4.5-6v
    • Drive current: 400-800mA

    Motor parameters

    Rated voltage (V) Rated speed (rpm) Load current (A) Rated torque ( Rated power (W) Stall current (A) Vehicle speed (m/s)
    8.4 330 0.7 1.5 5 4 1.6
    12 495 0.9 2.8 8 6 2.3



    • This product does not have waterproof function, and it is strictly prohibited to use in water or damp environments.
    • Short circuit between positive and negative poles is prohibited.
    • Obtain information through email. 
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