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YFROBOT 6WD chassis with shock absorption., Black

YFROBOT 6WD chassis with shock absorption., Black

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The 6WD shock-absorbing chassis is equipped with a 2mm one-piece stamped base plate, with an aluminum-plated surface treatment. It consists of two plates, with 3mm aperture holes regularly distributed on the base plate, with a lateral spacing of 12mm and a vertical spacing of 14mm, which makes it convenient for users to extend various sensors or perform other mechanical modifications, such as installing a robot. The upper plate reserves installation holes for the Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms. Its shock-absorbing part uses 6 metal shock absorbers, which make the car have better road-passing ability and improve its off-road performance, especially on complex terrain. The car's wheels are 72mm rubber wheels. It has 6 original high-speed motors with a speed of 17000 RPM, and with a 1:34 reduction gearbox, it can obtain greater torque.

This is a differential drive chassis, which means that turning is accomplished by driving the motors on the platform's two sides at different speeds. The three motors on each side of the car are parallel, so only two motor control channels are required to move the chassis. The six motors can also be controlled individually. The working voltage of the motors is 6-12V.

Shipping Method:
The chassis of the cart is shipped as separate parts and requires self-assembly upon receipt. The packaging box (34*22*9cm )in size  has a black sponge lining inside to prevent collision during transportation and protect the parts from damage.


  • Product weight: 1700g
  • size: 280*215*108mm
  • Load capacity: 6500g
  • Ground clearance: 23mm
  • Working voltage: 6-12V Load current: 650mA * 6
  • Motor power: 4W * 6
  • Reference speed: 1.5m/s @12V Stall current: 7A * 6
  • Shock travel: 15mm
  • Shock adjustment: Supported


  • This product does not have waterproof function, and it is strictly prohibited to use in water or damp environments.
  • Short circuit between positive and negative poles is prohibited.
  • Obtain information through email. 

    Motor parameters

    Voltage (V) Speed (RPM) Current (A) Torque ( Power (W) Stall Current (A) Velocity (m/s)
    9 350 0.5 1.5 3 4 1.2
    12 495 0.65 2.8 4 7 1.5



    Wild Thumper 6WD All-Terrain Chassis, Blue – yfrobot


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