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YFROBOT 4WD Mecanum Wheels omini Robot for Micro:Bit (without battery and Control motherboard)

YFROBOT 4WD Mecanum Wheels omini Robot for Micro:Bit (without battery and Control motherboard)

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This is a programmable robot designed specifically for maker education on the Micro:Bit platform. It supports both the Makecode、Python、and Scratch  programming environments. It features four plastic omnidirectional wheels and four N20 motors, and integrates various functions such as colorful lights, a buzzer, and infrared remote control. Additionally, it has expansion interfaces for ultrasonic sensors, other sensors, etc. The top layer provides P2, P13, 14, 15, and 16 interfaces for additional sensor modules. The chassis includes a 14500 lithium battery box, but does not include the battery or charger. The battery power module has reverse connection protection and discharge function. The chassis is designed with a stacking structure and the Micro:Bit main control board can be directly plugged into it.

Shipping Method

The car chassis is shipped as loose pieces and requires self-installation upon receipt. The packaging box (size 18 * 13.5 * 6.5cm  weight 300g).


  • power indicator light*1
  • reset switch *1
  • power indicator light *6
  • RGB LED lights *1
  • buzzer *1
  • infrared receiver *5
  • 3P (GVS) expansion ports *1
  • UART serial communication interface expansion port *1
  • ultrasonic I2C expansion port *1
  • PS2 receiver expansion port *1
  • Maximum motor speed: 110 rpm
  • Lithium battery usage test: continuous operation for 1 hour (for reference only)


  • This product does not have waterproof function, and it is strictly prohibited to use in water or damp environments.
  • Short circuit between positive and negative poles is prohibited.
  • Obtain information through email. 


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